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Here are the tracks finished from 1994 - 2004

This list is no longer updated.

Title of Track Description Genre M# No. Length Produced on: Year
name eBreak beats, really nice acid bass line and drum n bass feel. Lots of messing around with audio. Getting used to SX.
D'nB 5K 5K 5K Z1 SX2 JV S5K DigiFX RB 2004
Gurning Solid reggae track with seriously low bass stabs. Strange bloke in the background saying odd things every now and then (Brian). Reggae 5K 5K 5K Z1 SX3 JV S5K DigiFX
L&S Song written for Wedding, Lovely. Music inspired by Beddingfield track.
Pop - - 4:22 Z1 VST JV S5K DigiFX
Prologue trance Remix of Prologue from Experience I - very nice - progressive trance with -bite- Trance - - 4:54 Z1 VST M4 JV S5K NOV RY 2004
Qdvd - (Music DVD project)
Much time spent working on the music and video for this, based on a set of game levels I built in Quake II and a storyline surrounding them. 6 main parts or scenes. The music was created and then video scenes "played" to match and then adjusted when audio tracks were mixed together to one seamless showing. Includes video FX, camera FX, etc all created within computers. :)
Drum 'n bass
"Metal dance"
DVD - 30:12 Audio:
Premiere Pro
After FX
Nighties Progressive deep trance version of the cover below, lots of messing with the original. Lovely
Trance CD - 5:21 Z1 VST M4 JV S5K
Rhythm of the Night
Cover of Rhythm of the Night.
Experience Phase II May 2k2 Phase II Complete.
D 'n B
Techno ++
na na na All 2002
All of Experience All attention devoted towards Experience . All na na na All 2001
Play Nice poetic song
Dance 14 4 4:37 Z1 VST NOV RY M4 2000
Net [beta] Not quite finished. Weird reversed women's voices, arpeggios, bleeps.
Trance 14 2 09:47 JV Z1 VST NOV RY M4 2000
Just need 2 CU A track starting simply with a nice firm bass and building up, up and up!
Dance 14 1 13:32 JV Z1 NOV RY M4 2000
Reginald A reggae track I was playing around with. Slow. Nice Z1 bass. Reggae 13 12 3:59 JV Z1 NOV RY M4 2000
Planet Journey Planet. Totally different version. Journey 13 11 4:04 JV Z1 VST NOV RY M4 2000
Planet Dance Planet. Dance version. Dance 13 10 3:57 JV Z1 VST NOV RY M4 2000
Acid Planet Planet. Acid house version. Acid 13 9 4:26 JV Z1 VST NOV RY M4 2000
Planet Destination Planet. Original version. Dance 13 8 6:23 JV Z1 VST NOV RY M4 2000
Bless Nice song - Z1 sax. Dance 13 7 4:03 JV Z1 VST RY M4 2000
Popcorn Insane and glorious. Samples from everywhere. Selector! Tune from original. Many 13 6 4:04 Z1 JV VST RB M4 2000
Life Part 2 - speeds up and has a wonderful modulating bass from the Z1. Acid! House 13 5 3:40 JV Z1 RB VST M4 2000
Oh my... Part 1 - slow and different. Half way though, I got the Z1. Part 2 was born... Slow 13 4 6:10 JV Z1 RY NOV M4 2000
Old Person's guide Proms version of orchestra'n'bass. DnB 13 3 3:57 Z1 JV VST  2000
Dead Bird An anti love-song. Using samples from streets of Venice no less! DnB 13 2 5:58 JV VST RY M4  2000
Orchestra 'n' bass Drum 'n' bass using almost entirely orchestral instruments. (Z1+JV). DnB 13 1 4:07 Z1 JV VST  2000
Groove under Techno journey song using Z1 arpeggiator live. Nice. Techno 12 9 8:30 JV Z1 VST RY M4 1998
Voices in me 'ed ODD! Inspired by Z1 modelling the human voice.
Gabba 12 8 3:46 Z1 JV VST RY MOOG RB M4 1999
JnB Massive D'n'B track using samples from TV. DnB 12 7 4:55 JV VST NOV RY M4 1999
Cry baby Heavy techno using sounds of a baby crying and laughing - unique. Techno 12 6 4:59 JV VST M4 1999
Spider dance Dance version of above. Dance 12 5 7:28 JV Z1 VST M4 1999
Drunk Spider My version of "better off alone". Samples from drunk friends Dance 12 4 8:12 JV Z1 VST M4 1999
Deep Cycles Classic Another version using sax etc from Z1 in breakdown. Lovely. Trance 12 3 7:22 JV Z1 NOV RY M4 1999
Deep Cycles Deep version of of Cycle, by me. Nice DnB feel in bass and strings. Deep 12 2 6:36 JV NOV RY M4 1999
Mindfuk new Version updated to use the JV Techno expansion drums. Death 12 1 6:59 JV VST NOV RY RB M4 1999
Area 51 Wonderful DnB track inspired by Adam F, R Liffey, documentary. DnB 11 6 7:35 JV VST NOV RY M4 1999
Company Sample dialogue between collegues in a musical setting. Techno 11 5 7:36 JV VST  1999
Unfinished Mad Novation acid groove - wonderful but lost the arrangement file! Techno 11 4 7:17 JV RY NOV 1999
Housie Deep Above with less frillies House 11 3 5:14 JV VST RY RB M4  1999
Housie Standard house song House 11 2 5:28 JV VST RY RB M4  1999
JMJ Final Finished at last. Includes alot of my stuff too and lots of old Oxygene :) JMJ 11 1 19:51 JV VST NOV RY RB O1 MOOG M4 1999
Mum 'n' bass Inspired by cakes this - kicks DnB 10 11 5:23 JV VST NOV RY MOOG M4 1998
JMJ premix 0.9b A materpiece. Uses chunks of JMJ timestretched and wrapped in techno/house JMJ 10 10 7:48 JV VST NOV RY 01 MOOG M4 1998
Robotz My version - a little more housey - of Kraftwerk "Robots" House 10 9 4:54 JV NOV M4 1998
Mare - asia I got bored and altered the end taking it into something a little - acidic :) Abstract 10 8 9:56 JV NOV RY M4 1997
Mare Nice love song with oboe. DX7 piano sound.
Slow 10 7 5:22 JV M4 1997
Mind fuk Deep and dark. Killer tendancies. Excellent Death 10 6 5:16 JV VST RY M4  1997
Do I have a singer Demo of how the singer above was edited and time stretched. Vocal 10 5 1:17 JV VST 1997
Escape Part 4 new theme, full and loud including singer ripped from old TV film :) Dance 10 4 2:58 JV VST NOV O1 RY M4 1997
Trouble Part 3 oh look - drums! New theme. Into... Dance 10 3 3:48 JV VST NOV O1 RY M4 1997
Meditate Part 2 things get really spaced + random radio tuning into... Ambient 10 2 6:58 JV VST O1 RY M4 1997
I think I'm floating Part 1 Intro including a spaced snooker game into.. Ambient 10 1 7:33 JV VST O1 RY M4 1997
Cycle Original version of this trance classic by me. Inspired by a skiing trip! Trance 9 13 7:05 JV O1 NOV RY M4 1997
Happy Simon Mad sounding theme tune. Dance 9 12 4:10 JV O1 NOV RY 
Planet X Futuristic house track. Midiverb 4 adds interesting twist. Techno 9 11 3:10 JV O1 NOV RY M4
Pulse 101 Remix of "101" by me. CZ101 replaced by Novation. Dry acid house. Acid 9 10 3:49 JV NOV RY M4
SC Arabia Fast and entertaining. Abstract 9 9 4:47 JV S01 O1 RY NOV M4
Laughter Oboe solo dance track. Bits from Level 42. Dance 9 8 5:58 JV S01 O1 NOV M4
Mix it Di Track using samples from Diana's TV interview. House 9 7 5:54 JV S01 O1 RY NOV 1995
Sealife First JV song. Underwater journey. Journey 9 6 7:01 JV O1 NOV
Novation 2 Demo track of the Novation bass station on the lead Acid 9 5 2:51 JV NOV
Novation Demo track of the Novation bass station on the bass Techno 9 4 2:20 JV NOV
Humanoid Hardcore version of "Stakka Humanoid". Acid 9 3 5:17 ST O1 RY FR
Sun hill Techno track based around samples from "The Bill". Nice Techno 9 2 7:22 ST O1 RY FR
Paradise Trancy techno song - samples including advert for Philadelphia! Techno 9 1 10:04 ST O1 RY FR
Fetch / execute Trancy repetitive track Trance 8 10 4:07 JV RY O1 M4
Hard - 42 First ever drum n bass. 2nd half rips Level 42 hot water nicely :) Hardcore 8 9 8:21 S01 JV RY M4 01
Lufthansa Very dark - inspired and based on radio transmissions from airport. Deep 8 8 6:08 ST O1 RY FR
Channel Check Inspired by technical test CD. Many samples all on ST.
8 7 4:36 ST O1 RY FR
Françoise Fast techno-ish dream track. Techno 8 6 6:08 ST O1 RY FR
BnB - cool mix Dance version of BnB with better bass drum.
8 5 4:36 ST O1 RY FR
BnB - party mix Party version with lead in.
8 4 5:02 ST O1 RY FR
Free reso Another Trantasy version with good samples and LPF filtering!
8 3 5:07 ST O1 RY FR
Hank Fast - based around guitar playing
8 2 5:33 ST O1 RY
Clamp city Takes ages getting going - remix of "Trantasy" by me. Techno 8 1 8:08 ST O1 RY FR
Atari The backing track from Bevis and Butthead
7 11 5:18 O1 RY FR
Nature A track just for the sake of it. Slowish
7 10 5:26 O1 RY FR
B+B Another version of Bevis and Butthead
7 9 5:04 ST O1 RY FR
Chernobyl Twisted and odd sounding with heavy-ish 4/4 beat
7 8 5:59 O1 RY FR
Bevis and Butthead Track based around samples from MTV's "Bevis and Butthead"
7 7 5:06 ST O1 RY FR
What time to mosh Alternative version of KLF "What time is love" with electric guitar
7 6 5:10 ST O1 RY 
Arpegiator Breakneck speed version of JMJ classic "Arpegiator"
7 5 6:06 O1 RY FR
New Nissan Cheerful track - drums and bass from RY30
7 4 6:41 O1 RY
Let's go Hard core inspired by Prodigy with tubular bells in middle
7 3 5:30 ST O1 RY FR
Reactor Theme tune type chill out dance song.
7 2 6:00 O1 RY
Housey Very long house mix using samples from 1987-1990 tracks - mainly me House 7 1 12:07 ST O1 VZ RY
Reactor Original version of this chill out tune.
6 17 5:59 O1 RY
JMJ mix Medley of JMJ tunes and my ideas produced on my synths (no samples!) JMJ 6 16 7:12 O1 PSS VZ SR CZ
Work it live Work it to the bone instrumental cover
6 15 4:38 O1 VZ SR
Emma Nice Sax solo song.

6 14 4:35 O1 CZ SR 1991
Destination Fantasy song with lots of bleeps and arpeggios. Dodgy samples from Atari.
6 13 5:50 O1 ST FR SR
Let's go house Harpsichord house! Samples from ST (Replay 16) not bad actually! House 6 12 2:56 O1 ST
Reggie Reggae (ish) idea.
6 11 0:51 O1
Ocean Barge Fiendish distorted and messy. Nice. Acid 6 10 4:44 O1 VZ SR
It's a sin My idea of the PSB classic. Wonderfully massive with journey into JMJ and back. Dance 6 9 4:30 O1 VZ CZ SR PSS
Dr Acid Later version of the DR Who theme tune. Acid 6 8 4:37 O1 VZ CZ SR FR
I feel love My version of the Donna Summer classic. As always totally digressing in the middle. Dance 6 7 4:12 O1 VZ SR
Popcorn My original cover of Popcorn. Mad. Should be locked up. :) Variations on a theme. Various 6 6 3:01 O1 VZ PSS SR FR
Dr zzz
Entirely sampled on V dodgy Mastersound 2! University lecture :)
6 5 1:56 ST
Samples Another dodgy Matersound 2 song.
6 4 1:59 ST
Gremlin 2 Original version of Gremlin's theme tune. Mad. Lock away with popcorn.
6 3 4:01 PSS VZ SR 1991
PSS790 Getting the most out of the CZ101, using VZ for real time modulation. ;)

6 2 4:40 PSS CZ VZ SR
Trantasy Another CZ masterpiece. One of my best ever trance ideas. VZ acid?? Trance 6 1 4:51 PSS CZ VZ SR 1990
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Other music

I have produced hundreds of songs over the last 15 years, each different. The ones I have managed to finish recording fill up 6 audio cassettes and 7 Minidiscs! There are probably the same amount again in an unfinished state. 

As it was so easy to loose songs (for instance when moving from Atari ST to PC) I started cataloging songs in 1999 and have more than 50 on record from that year alone! 

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